About Jenna

   I fell in love with photography and taking photos ever since I could remember. Any place we would go a camera would go; on vacation, around the house, posing my brother, friends, our dog, my American Girl Dolls, etc you would find me taking photos. I used to love to scrapbook, so my mom would have to go to the little camera drop off hut to give them my (10+) disposable cameras probably 2-3 times a week! 
    It’s hard for me to say what sort of photography I like best.  It’s okay if I sound silly, but I really do love it all. I find joy in lifestyle candids, theme shoots, the buzz of weddings, those messy first birthday cake smash and the ones I wake up beyond excited for, squishy, fresh newborn photography because who doesn’t just love to cuddle those newest members to this big, big world. The newborn phase is gone so quickly, you're in this complete daze and before you know it- over in a matter of days. Capturing the tiny face of your newest family member in a way that it will never be again; brand new. As a mother myself, I recognize the importance of capturing your little ones first days, and those milestones from then on.

   My photography is timeless, creative, fresh and fun. I love natural beauty and giving you photos you will want to love and hang in your home, share with your loved ones, maybe that senior year book photo or show it off to their girlfriend or boyfriend later in life... wait maybe even that baby wedding photo! My goal is to really bring out those genuine smiles, laughs and personalities at there best.

  My camera is in many ways my rock. I feel complete with it in my hands. It's therapeutic to me. Being behind the lens, letting myself be creative, doing something I love and giving you something you'll love too!

Some random fact: 

- I’ll sing to your baby even though my voice isn’t Voice or American Idol ready

- I LOVE tacos

- Ice-cream is considered a meal

- Single Mom

- Favorite sport would be snowboarding

- To say I love the beach would be an understatement

- I extremely dislike peanut-butter (WHAT) and mustard